What is a creative? (And how do we define 'artist' anyway)

So what is a creative anyway? And what do you think the word 'artist' means? and is it time to stamp your creative space in the artists world?

There was a lot of discussion about what is an 'artist'? And why creatives are often uncomfortable to define themselves as "artists" or "writers" or "photographers" etc. As a graphic designer I am often confronted with idea's that I am not a "real" artist. Is it because I work for clients and work to their specifications? or because I do "commercial" art? or because I use technology and a digital medium as my creative modality? I create files for print every single day, and yet I am not a 'printmaker'. What is this cultural stigma we have around art and creativity being legitimate? and is it time to increase our scope and definitions?

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Designing for not-for-profit projects on a shoestring

Many not for profit and social enterprise projects know they need good design. They know that a strong visual brand markets itself, saving precious advertising budgets. They also know they need to get their message out there and compete with all the other visual noise, while presenting a professional image that is worthy of support.

The hot question is not why you need design, but how do you go about affording it?

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